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The best books for web development beginners in 2022

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Since the internet is now an integral part of everyday life, web development skills are in high demand. What used to be a niche skill is now becoming an essential skill for the survival of businesses, especially those looking to compete with larger companies that have more resources available for…

This article talks about the ongoing situation between Russia and Western countries with respect to what is happening in Ukraine.


Recently, the US and Russia held their talks about NATO expansion and about Russia increasing its deployment at the Ukraine border. The talks were inconclusive, but the negotiations will go on on the same topic. …

Listing my top 8 recommended resources to learn coding in 2022.

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What are the best coding resources for the year 2022?

There isn’t time to go through hundreds of resources to determine which ones will assist us to achieve our targets. I’ve chosen my preferred resources and explained why I liked them. I’ve gone through and tested each one so you…

This article is written on the backdrop of Apple becoming a three trillion-dollar company, which is even more than the entire GDP of India.

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Most countries in the world together don’t have such a GDP as a market capitalization of Apple that is three trillion dollars right now. If India also wants to go in the same direction, we have to focus on our universities and make them the centre of research and development.

Now let me share with you a few points that you need to understand here.


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