A Beginners Guide

Read our tips for the most trustworthy ways to invest in alternative currencies.

The year is 2021, and you have just become a part of the crypto revolution. The world is becoming more connected than ever before, with billions of computers and devices trading information for free from all corners of the planet.

You’ve heard about cryptocurrency — a digital currency that doesn’t require physical tokens to represent it — but has no idea how it works or what to do next. Never fear! Here are some tips on where to start, which currencies you should invest in, and the risks of this new paradigm shift in finance. Crypto investing has never been…

Basic concepts of JavaScript.

JavaScript is a programming language that executes on the client-side of an application via the browser. JavaScript code runs on a web page, accessing and manipulating the DOM to change its appearance or behaviour.

This post will cover how JavaScript works, starting with how different browsers execute it, how a variable is created in JavaScript, and the event object using JavaScript. This will cover some basic concepts about JavaScript and some of the terminology used throughout this article.

How does a browser execute JavaScript?

Browser vendors are not required to support JavaScript, but all major browsers do, and it’s nearly universally supported on the modern web…

How to Overcome them?

Designers aren’t designed to be unbiased. Whether that’s because of a programming error or an evolution in the brain, it’s difficult for people who work with data and visuals to avoid biasing themselves. When not acknowledged and dealt with properly, Biases can lead to a lack of research or usability issues.

This article discusses how biases affect UX designers and how they can be mitigated by keeping teams grounded in reality and incorporating age into their design process.

What are Biases?

Biases can be understood as a “mental shortcut” used by the brain to process the immense amount of stimuli we are exposed to in our daily lives. Essentially, it’s when you rely on guesswork or a gut feeling instead of careful reasoning and thinking. …

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCL

Which is Best? — Defining the Cloud Battle.

1) — Currently, three prominent cloud service providers dominate the industry: Microsoft Azure (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (AWS), and Amazon Web Services (AWS). While the cloud computing market is flooded with cloud service providers, AWS, Azure, and Google (GCP) retain the top three positions. While Microsoft Azure and Google continue to grow and expand, AWS remains at the front when dominating market share. — [Sources: 4, 9]

2) — The public cloud providers with the largest market share in the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) sectors are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and…

Impacts of Suez Canal Blockage

What happened in Egypt, to be specific, in the Suez Canal was very unexpected. There was a Japanese-owned it was Ever Given, run by a Taiwanese company called Evergreen, and the crew of the ship was entirely 24 men crew was Indians and was carrying cargo to the Netherlands in Europe. It was trying to negotiate the narrow Suez Canal held by two thugs, as is the custom, but it got stuck diagonally in the Suez Canal.

What created the problem was that this was such a large ship, almost as tall as the Empire State Building in the United…

How to make a full-time living in Content Writing?

If you are looking to make a full-time living in content writing, this post is for you. It outlines how to become a good content copywriter, what skills and qualities to have, and how it will take dedicated work on your part.

The first step of becoming a successful full-time content writer is knowing your audience — and knowing who your competition is. That means not just research but also personal experience with the audience or subject matter.

Once you have that knowledge, you can get to work. Your responsibilities as a writer will be no different from the responsibilities…

Why have developed nations been hit worse than others?

Only a few months back, one would have thought that after the vaccines had appeared and the vaccination program was on, that humankind had conquered the coronavirus.

But now it seems that it was a fallacy, it was a mistaken belief, it was probably the arrogance of scientists. The second and the third waves of coronavirus are far more infectious, far more contagious, and in certain cases, more mortality rates are also increasing.

The worst affected countries are the ones that are supposed to be the developed ones where the literacy rates are high, like the United States of America…

Personal Touch is Vital to Succeed as a Designer.

One of the cool things about creative people and I guess humans, in general, is that we’re all unique, but how do you find your personal design style?

Hey everyone, today I want to talk about finding your own personal design style. Now, if you’re an illustrator or you do your own graphic work on the side just for personal reasons, if you’re a graphic artist, you have complete creative freedom. You don’t have any clients telling you what to do, what color to use, or what font. You have an effortless time defining your own personal design style because…

Do you want to be a Successful Content Writer? — Here are the Tips.

What is Content?

Content, in fact, is more than just text and writing. It involves a lot of your video, your audio, your images, you know, anything that basically that you can communicate your ideas or your message. Of course, the writing being the most significant part, but, you know, you have your GIFs, you have your infographics. Infographics, which means to say, you know, you have put your information on those images. So, you know, it does like information and graphics; those are infographics. So, yeah, of course, writing is the most prominent and significant part of your content, but video, audio…

Vaccine’s Efficacy Really Matters Even After Virus Mutation.

This article is speaking about various constraints and concerns regarding the vaccination drive in India and the measures that have to be taken by the government of India?

Switch ON the Herd Immunity

First up, many infections and diseases are haunting the human community, but we have continued to live with this disease. Similarly, the SARS-CoV-2 is supposed to be the one that is haunting the global community. But this is here to stay. As a result, the community has to make sure that people are vaccinated; the government has to ensure that we have herd immunity in the community as many people are vaccinated…


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